MSGM SS18 fashion show

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f.e.v. is the creation of Francesca Eleonora Versace.


Inspired by her Italian roots and charmed upbringing, her Central St Martins education and the gypset lifestyle that she enjoys along with her designer friends, hers is an unconventional woman’s journey and bohemian approach to life. Fashionably exotic, but ultimately with a down to earth ease.


Recollections of her Calabrian heritage, the rustic colors of Tuscany, the fragrant aromas of Capri and the classicism of Milan’s Piazza del Duomo have all informed her; while the painted surfaces of Pantelleria’s dammusi and the sublime architecture of Scarpa and Ponti have inspired her. 


In essence, spirit and craftsmanship, f.e.v. is all things quintessentially Italian.


While such memories and ideas are gathered and collected, this inspired journey continues to multi-ethnic and eclectic locations. From the exotic Dhow masts of Kenya to the far-flung white sands of Brazil and Saint Barths, it is a gypsetter’s trip of effortless elegance and barefoot glamour.


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The brand new video from Camera Nazionale Della Moda Italiana to promote the upcoming Milan Fashion Week features Les Petits Joueurs, Giannico, Oscar Tiye, Marco De Vincenzo.

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Milan is the inspiration of the Benedetta Boroli shoes collection, with its architecture, history, and lifestyle. The choice to name the brand after the designer and company founder, Benedetta Boroli, was born from the desire to provide the products with a real identity. 

The key elements that distinguish the products are their clear simplicity and wearability. This is due both to careful research into styles and to the unique

Benedetta Boroli’s challenge is creating feminine and elegant footwear, where lycra, neoprene, and rubberized hides blend together with more common materials.

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On Tuesday, Nov. 29, Footwear News will host its 2016 Achievement Awards in New York, honoring the best and brightest in the industry, including Emerging Talent winner Nicolò Giannico Beretta. Read on to learn more about his accomplishments.

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La grandeur. In the midst of a French revolution led by Brigitte Bardot. Oscar Tiye’s Fall-Winter 2016/2017 collection speaks through cheeky aphorisms, with structures of heroic feebleness, apanage of French queens, like Marie Antoinette, reviewed and reinterpreted by the American director Sofia Coppola, in a musical box filled with ruffs and tolling the court dresses draped in luxury and crinolines. «If the French are eager to dance, let them have glitter shoes», could roar Oscar Tiye's new Queen, a young woman discovering herself inside the rooms of Versailles, matching gold with pastels. XVII century rococò silhouettes over baby blue nappa leather or Sophie’s extra velvety noir suede, a bootie embracing the foot in a twist of side laces like corsetry, culminating in a bloom of candid lace. It’s reminiscent of a sharp gaze, like that of Kitty’s cat-woman from the previous season, but with the neck tied into a ruff, as if portrayed by Sacha Goldberger, who places superheroes inside dramatic Flemish paintings. Lace becomes the overarching theme and explodes in a sensual silence on Antoinette sandals, adorned with boudoir elements. For a royal and melancholic eroticism evoking legendary characters. The hems of ruches mimic the sumptuous collars that Kirsten Dunst wore in Coppola’s comedy, mindful of court intrigues. They enliven the front of the Marie bootie with vivid energy, in the same way they refine the Adele pump, the Melusine loafer and the Valerie chanel, all brought together in a can-can. Three new families join Oscar Tiye’s thriving nobility, each molded in a mix of suede and nappa leather, dyed in almond, black, nude, and peach and burgundy scotch matte glares. Then, the clamor of the revolution drops dead in the silence of a clinking sound, loud like belly dancing, recalling the Afef, inspired by Sharqui dancers, in a nocturnal bootie, in suede and black patent leather. Another kind of music acts as the counterpart to the collection. A kinematic orchestra leads Hollywood starlets in a bourréè dance on top of block heels, the stage to a power game that opens a dialogue between myths of different ages. The Giorgia, a bootie in malachite or black velvet, appears, summoned by Bardot’s ‘60s. Then comes the Nicole, in pastel and glitter. Then maturity marks the thoughtful growth of Oscar Tiye’s carryovers. Her Majesty, the Malikah, becomes a d’Orsay pump with a silver rounded toe, in silver patent leather or olive green velvet. The Casandra is inspired by the XIX Century, the Maha cuissard is in stretch denim and purple chenille, the Minnie turns into a mary jane, dark and metallic. The Sami, Amari and Kristen are tangled in bondage laces. The Smalikey sneaker, bearing the wings of the brand’s trademark symbol, and Snickey, with Mickey Mouse’s ears, complete the collection. For 3.0 Social Queens.


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Carven presented its new SS17 collection during the Paris Fashion Week

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During Paris Fashion Week Giambattista Valli will present his SS17 collection on Monday, October 3rd. Can't wait to see it!

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