f.e.v. is the creation of Francesca Eleonora Versace.


Inspired by her Italian roots and charmed upbringing, her Central St Martins education and the gypset lifestyle that she enjoys along with her designer friends, hers is an unconventional woman’s journey and bohemian approach to life. Fashionably exotic, but ultimately with a down to earth ease.


Recollections of her Calabrian heritage, the rustic colors of Tuscany, the fragrant aromas of Capri and the classicism of Milan’s Piazza del Duomo have all informed her; while the painted surfaces of Pantelleria’s dammusi and the sublime architecture of Scarpa and Ponti have inspired her. 


In essence, spirit and craftsmanship, f.e.v. is all things quintessentially Italian.


While such memories and ideas are gathered and collected, this inspired journey continues to multi-ethnic and eclectic locations. From the exotic Dhow masts of Kenya to the far-flung white sands of Brazil and Saint Barths, it is a gypsetter’s trip of effortless elegance and barefoot glamour.