At Massimo Bonini we are continuously growing and expanding our business, actualizing our goal to become the number one worldwide player in the distribution of luxury accessories.

The talented team of people working at Massimo Bonini plays a major role in the achievement of this success and that is why we are always seeking for talented individuals to join us.

Together with our shareholders and the brands we collaborate with we share the core values of excellence, innovation and creativity. With the business expanding into new fields and markets, we are looking to recruit individuals who have the confidence to learn on the job, collaborate up to develop new ideas and keep Massimo Bonini at the forefront of the fashion industry.

Whether your skills are in business, fashion, creative arts, technology or logistics and you are interested in becoming part of our team, we offer a wide rage of appealing roles in an unique and inspiring environment.

Send your CV and apply to get the chance of becoming part of our family!

Open positions

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