Castañer is a brand whose success is the outcome of the work of an entire family which for years has excelled at blending the attributes of craftsmanship, fashion and tradition in an exclusive and unique product to consolidate its name over the course of decades as the world leader in the espadrille sector. 

Since the founding of the first Castañer workshop in 1927, the company has focused its efforts on turning a humble, popular sandal into a sophisticated product intrinsically linked to design and fashion. 

A generational shift was witnessed in the mid-1960s when lawyer Lorenzo Castañer and his wife Isabel took over the helm of the firm and decided to refocus the business: the product signified simplicity but by adding a dash of colour to it, the espadrille, now seen as an authentic Mediterranean product, became a fashion statement, particularly in the Nordic countries. 

What began as a traditional sandal designed for field workers, made from an esparto grass and cotton base, became a true fashion icon by combining jute and cotton with silk fibres, raffia and other materials, depending on the trends of the season. 

With its proven track record and firm commitment to innovation and evolution, Castañer delivers impeccable finishes thanks to the use of natural materials and traditional processes. This ‘made in Spain’ footwear has evolved from the early days through to today while never veering from the craftsmanship, authenticity and elegance that comprise its ethos, achieving a rich catalogue of Mediterranean-inspired creations and a cosmopolitan calling that have made their mark on the fashion consciousness. 


Heritage, memory and identity 

The brand’s long track record since its establishment nine decades ago has helped to shore up its values of tradition, timelessness, craftsmanship and fashion. Castañer espadrilles have become the essence of timeless chic, an eternal classic that never goes out of style. 



“To make Castañer the fashion footwear brand of a Mediterranean essence, synonymous with timeless style and chic, upholding the values of heritage, craftsmanship and tradition”. 

“To create a true high-end experience with a craft essence”. 

“Distinction that endures beyond fleeting trends, with its own essence, authenticity and maximum quality”.