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Three young people with different backgrounds, experiences and interests have found a common denominator in the world of shoes, establishing a sneakers and accessories brand that sums up the creativity and energy each of them brings to the project.

Maison Déplacé was born when Marco Contigiani, a fan of music, technology and good food, met Aldo D’Autilio, an architect who studies design, and Leonardo D’Autilio, who loves art, tattoos, poetry and writing.

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They set up business in Italy’s Marche region and produced a collection that appears to be the result of a sort of creative disorder, as suggested by the name Déplacé, meaning out of place, but actually responds to public demand and the study of new suggestions in volumes, details and materials.

The result is a personal interpretation of urban and outdoor trekking focusing on rubberised leather, reflective trim, neoprene, high-tech fabrics and drawstring fastenings.