arco De Vincenzo was born in Messina in 1978. After having attended humanities high school, he moves to Rome at 18 to continue his studies. Once he turned 21, he becomes part of Fendi’s style department as accessory designer. 

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Marco is influenced by his identity's background in an unexpected way. Ancient and modern/contemporary art represent the asset from which he drives inspiration to design the new collections. His interior contrast between decorativism and minimalism stands out from the collections. His ideas are clear and innovative and they come out from his innumerable inspirational cultural references.



Marco has a remarkable view on his femininity codes. The collections are graphic, multidimensional, surreal. They define the idea of manipulation of the material who rules his style.


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  • In 2009 he establishes the pret-a-porter brand that bears his name.
  • The first collection debuts on January 28th in Paris during the Haute couture's days.
  • In July 2009 Marco wins Who's On Next, the contest created by Vogue Italia's director Franca Sozzani.
  • Since September 2009 he presents his collections during Milan's fashion weeks.
  • In 2014 he signs a joint venture deal with the LVMH group, to develop the brand.